Orange Bitters boxed set


This boxed set features a bar of handcrafted soap, a 250g bag of Sea Salt & Minerals Bath Soak, and a tube of Solid Lotion Body Balm.  Presented in a pretty gift box and tied with a satin ribbon, this gift set is ready for giving! The original designs on the boxes are inspired by vintage wallpaper and linoleum patterns from old Nova Scotia farmhouses, and feature graphics and old photos that lend an air of nostalgia.

In 1912 when Pearl and Daisy were little girls, travelling salesmen sold “medicinal bitters” in little glass bottles, while travelling millionaires mixed the authentic Martini with a dash of orange bitters. Revive the spirits of the early 1900s with this intoxicatingly fragrant blend of mandarin, bitter orange, vetiver, and carrot seed oils.