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Inspired by all of the beautiful places of the east coast, each of our eight collections is made with 100% natural ingredients and blends of essential oils distilled from fresh flowers, fruit and plants. 

Summer Meadow - wild rose & lavender

The wild roses that thrive in sunny east coast meadows inspire this uplifting aromatherapy blend. Rose geranium essential oil has a balancing and energizing scent, while lavender and bergamot boost feelings of serenity, happiness and security. Wild rose hips gently exfoliate and rose hip seed oil moisturizes. 

Orange Bitters - mandarin & vetiver

In 1912, when Pearl and Daisy were young girls, traveling salesmen sold little glass bottles of “medicinal bitters”, while traveling millionaires mixed the authentic martini with a dash of orange bitters. Revive the “spirits” of the early 1900s with this intoxicatingly fragrant blend of citrus and vetiver essential oils. 

Veranda - lemon verbena & thyme

A tribute to summer afternoons spent lingering in the shade of painted porches, the Veranda collection blends the joyful summer scent of lemon verbena with essential oil distilled from the hand-picked leaves and flowers of sweet white thyme. 

Beach Glass - lime & basil

Polished jewels of smooth beach glass have their own stories to tell. Decades of tossing in the ocean’s waves transform the pieces of green and blue bottles into precious “mermaid tears”. Exotic lime and basil essential oils remind us of sea-faring adventurers of long ago. 

Gift From the Sea - rosemary & mint

Like a visit to the seashore, the invigorating scents of rosemary and mint essential oils are used to boost feelings of mental clarity and fortitude. Made with real kelp and cold-pressed Sea Buckthorn berry oil, this soap is perfect for gentle cleansing of skin that is prone to acne or rosacea. 

Mountain Mist - fir balsam & thyme

Morning mist settles in the valleys of Nova Scotia’s ancient Cobequid Mountains. The moist balsam fir forests, richly fragrant with uplifting and grounding scents, are the inspiration for this blend of clary sage, bay, fir balsam and thyme essential oils. Revisit the calming sensation of a walk in the woods. 

Sand Dollar - vanilla & sandalwood 

A treasure discovered on the shore, the smooth white sand dollar carries the image of the exotic vanilla orchid blossom. This harmonious marriage of vanilla and sandalwood offers aromatherapy benefits to enhance feelings of comfort, spiritual harmony, and sensuality. 

St. George - ginger & nutmeg

Have a dragon to slay? The energizing scents of ginger and nutmeg essential oils are combined with bold cedarwood in a spicy, aromatic blend worthy of the bravest knight. Sweet fennel oil boosts feelings of courage, strength, and resolve in the face of adversity.